Top five tips on how to work in UAE sports

Ben Flanagan asks the experts for their key advice on getting a job in the sporting events industry.

Get the right qualification.

If you’re looking to work in fitness it’s better to be properly accredited, especially in more regulated markets like Dubai. “Make sure that whatever courses you do, they are accredited by REPs UAE. That is absolutely essential,” said Max Williamson, performance director at Career Sport Fitness Academy.

Be an intern.

Experience what it is like to work in the industry. “That will allow you to practice and develop your skills,” said Williamson.

Present yourself properly.

“Once you are comfortable that this is the career that you want to follow, and that you’ve got the necessary skills, then apply for jobs with a professionally prepared CV,” said Williamson.

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Seek out the opportunities.

There’s a lot out there, but you need to get out there. “Speak to your sports council, go into the major gyms and ask them if they’re recruiting,” advises Williamson.

Be prepared for a pay-cut.

Moving into sports sometimes involves a salary cut, said Stewart King, a London-based senior consultant at SRi. “But once you’ve got your foot in the door, you can build it up,” he adds.

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