Top five tips for online job seekers

Panos Manolopoulos, managing partner at executive-search firm Stanton Chase in the Middle East, gives Benchmark Middle East his five tips for how to best present yourself online when looking for a job.

Panos Manolopoulos

 Take care of your public profile

“Right now, fortunately or unfortunately, we are all public figures. When we are hiring anybody, if you were to Google a name, you might not see only the professional profile of a candidate. But you might have access to a Facebook page, postings on blogs, which may not contribute to a positive public image. So if someone wants to be well perceived in the market, they have to take care of their overall public space.”

 Less is more when posting online

“People tend to bombard their public profiles, even on LinkedIn, with hundreds of different things. It can be hard to understand what these people are doing. So it’s better to have a public profile that gives the important information about yourself and about your life. But the less the better, the more professional the better. Not too many words, not too many comments that are contradictory.”

 Keywords count

“Your public profiles should use similar keywords. For example, if you Google ‘executive search’ locally, you will see my name there, because I have worked with the keywords, I’m using specific words for the people that are searching. Sometimes people are bombarding their profiles with too many keywords, and then they become almost impossible to trace.”

 Be consistent on the web

“If you see me on my LinkedIn profile, and I am wearing my tie and suit, and on the next appearance you see my Facebook page and I’m wearing beachwear in Mikonos, that perhaps might not sound very consistent. I’ve seen a lot of CEOs’ personal profile pages on Facebook, and they have their families, their kids. But those ones that are taking care of their public profiles are quite careful about what they are posting.”

 Consider regional sensitivities

“In the Middle East people are very sensitive on a number of issues. There are certain areas that you have to be careful with. Try to keep neutral rather than express a strong stance when posting online about certain issues, because that might backfire in the future.”